How can I determine what size of capsule best suits my needs??

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Do you offer colored capsules?

Yes, we have the capability of manufacturing a wide variety of colors (FDA, USP and DSHEA compliant colors). We can custom match any color combination or color combination.


Do you offer capsule printing?

We offer two-color, rectified/non-rectified, radial/axial printing. We offer fast turnaround on new products and first-time orders along with custom logo design and development.


What is the approximate shelf life of the gelatin and vegetarian capsules?

Five years.


What are the ideal conditions for storage?

For K-CAPS 59-86°F  /15-30°C.

For gelatin capsules 59-77°F / 15-25°C.

Capsules should be stored away from any heat source, direct sunlight, water, or high humidity environments.


What regions can you ship to?

We can ship anywhere in the world. Minimum order requirements may apply. Please contact for information and quotes.


How many capsules are in one box?

Size     Capsules / box

000               50,000

00E               65,000         

00                 75,000           

0E                 90,000

0                 100,000          

1                 125,000          

2                 175,000          

3                 200,000          

4                 250,000