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K-CAPS® Organic Capsules
Organic consumers are especially concerned with the integrity of the products they buy, especially when those products are being ingested. As the market for organic supplements continues to grow, CapsCanada is committed to delivering high-quality solutions for companies seeking to deliver certifiable bio/organic products to their health-conscious consumers. Our K-CAPS® Organic Capsules provide the quality and versatility of our market-leading HPMC technology, while meeting EU bio/organic standards to ensure the purity and integrity of your organic-based products.
Capsules for Organic Products
Manufactured with exacting precision and stringently tested, CapsCanada’s vegetable-derived K-CAPS® Organic Capsules provide unmatched quality and superior filling machine performance. K-CAPS® Organic Capsules are fully compliant with EU regulations for certified bio/organic products. Fully certifiable organic capsules for the U.S. & North American markets are coming soon.

CapsCanada Capsule

Available in size 5-000
Raw materials meet all requirements of the current USP & EP
Guaranteed disintegration within 15 minutes
Moisture content is kept between 4% and 8%
Visual quality is based on the ANSI/ASQ-Z1.4 Single Sampling Plan
Five-year shelf life
  • Certified EU bio/organic
  • Proprietary K-CAPS® HPMC formulation
  • Crystal clear aesthetic
  • Superior filling machine performance
Your Capsule. Your Way.
Like our other capsules, CapsCanada’s K-CAPS® Organic Capsules are available in a full range of sizes to accommodate your unique formulation. Customization in terms of product colors, finishes and printing is limited to the parameters that maintain the organic certification of the capsules in the EU.
CapsCanada Capsule Sizing Chart
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