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CapsCanada Expands K-CAPS® (HPMC Capsules) Manufacturing Capacity for Second Time


$28 Million invested in new 100,000 square foot K-CAPS® facility with additional 50% capsule production increase; nearly 3-times the amount CapsCanada invested in a 2014 HPMC capsule expansion to meet rising global demand for K-CAPS®.

POMPANO BEACH, FL February 27, 2018 (PRNewswire): CapsCanada, a leading provider of capsules for pharmaceutical drugs and dietary supplements, announced today the addition of a new, state-of-the-art, dedicated hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) capsule manufacturing facility. With this investment, CapsCanada has now increased capsule output by 50%.

Produced with 100% plant-derived material, CapsCanada’s K-CAPS® are ideal for consumers with dietary restrictions prohibiting the consumption of animal byproduct and are suitable for a wide range of formulations.

“The new factory was built because we saw worldwide acceptance of K-CAPS® as the preferred HPMC based capsule. Compared to other HPMC capsules, K-CAPS® have exceptional aesthetics and perform better on automatic capsule filling machines; directly translating into reduced raw material loss and downtime for our customers.” According to Jonathan Gilinski, Executive Director.

“We are delighted by the mass adoption of our K-CAPS® technology and the value it provides to our customers.” Gilinski added. CapsCanada is the original innovator and leading manufacturer of HPMC capsules for a variety of applications, including those that are liquid, hygroscopic or otherwise sensitive to moisture. The company previously made a $10 million expansion of their Windsor, Ontario site in 2014, experiencing growing global demand for its products. K-CAPS® are already sold in more than 60 countries worldwide.

About the Company:
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