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CapsCanada, the natural choice for quality
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About Us
The Natural Choice For Quality
CapsCanada has been an expert resource for capsules serving pharmaceutical and dietary supplement applications for over 30 years. We offer capsule innovations that are the leading choice in markets worldwide, and we can support your product development and brand growth with exceptional quality products, broad flexibility in customization, reliable supply and personalized service integrity.
K-CAPS® HPMC Capsules
Preferred brand of vegetarian capsules, offering exceptional appearance and superior performance on filling machines.
G-CAPS® Gelatin Capsules
CapsCanada’s high-quality gelatin capsules are supported by our reliable, proprietary supply chain of pure raw materials.
LQ-CAPS® Liquid Formulation Capsules
Our liquid-filled hard capsule (LFHC) technology provides superior stability and versatility for hygroscopic and poorly soluble compounds, leading to improved absorption and bioavailability.
AR-CAPS® Acid Resistant Capsules
A proprietary formulation of our market-leading HPMC capsules, our gastric acid-resistant capsules adhere to USP standards for enteric dissolution.
Flavored Capsules
CapsCanada offers the expertise and technologies to help you mask undesirable tastes and odors in formulations, which promotes patient compliance and consumer preference in your encapsulated products.
FM-CAPS® Clinical Trial Capsules
Sporting our total color dye technology, these capsules help researchers avoid reformulation during critical stages of clinical trials. FM-CAPS® can significantly reduce time-to-market and bring competitive advantage.
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CapsCanada Pharmaceuticals
CapsCanada offers over 30 years of expertise and a range of capsule innovations and technologies specifically designed to help pharmaceutical companies create challenging formulations in oral dosage forms and optimize their manufacturing throughput.
Dietary Supplements
CapsCanada Dietary Supplements
Applying decades of experience as an innovator of capsules and supplement formulations, CapsCanada provides the expertise and technologies to encapsulate your dietary supplement formulation into a successful oral dosage form.
CapsCanada Pill
CapsCanada Technical Service
Technical Service
CapsCanada offers on-site technical support, encapsulation education and equipment training to promote optimized quality, efficiency and profitability across your production.
CapsCanada Regulatory Compliance
Regulatory Compliance
Our regulatory compliance experts will work with you leading up to, during and following the point of submission to support your product’s approval.
CapsCanada Formulation Assistance
Formulation Assistance
More than a capsule company, CapsCanada provides early-stage support to optimize your formulation for encapsulation.
Connect with an Encapsulation Expert
Discover how CapsCanada’s market-leading technologies and comprehensive support can optimize your formulation for oral dosage form and take your product from concept to approval.