The Natural Choice For Quality
At CapsCanada, our success is based entirely on your success, which is why we are so invested in the quality of our products. Our diverse inventory of pharmaceutical-grade two-piece hard-shell capsules has been meticulously refined to meet the ever-evolving needs of our global customers and to pave the way for your product’s success down the development pathway.
K-CAPS® HPMC Capsules
Formulated to meet the wide-ranging dietary needs of a large consumer base, CapsCanada’s proprietary plant-based HPMC capsules are the natural choice for leading pharmaceutical and supplement manufacturers worldwide.
G-Caps® Gelatin Capsules
CapsCanada maintains full ownership of our gelatin supply chain, which guarantees the purity of our raw materials, the efficiency of our processes and, above all, the quality of our capsules.
LQ-CAPS® Liquid Formulation Capsules
LQ-CAPS® enable pharmaceutical manufacturers to overcome a myriad of the stability, bioavailability and homogeneity challenges typically associated with complex liquid-fill formulations.
AR-CAPS® Acid Resistant Capsules
Our naturally acid-resistant capsules maintain their stability through the pH levels of the stomach for intestinal release, eliminating the need for costly and complex enteric coating processes.
K-CAPS® Organic Capsules
CapsCanada’s HPMC-based organic capsules are the quality choice for manufacturers looking to maintain the integrity of their organic-based products with an organic dosage form.
FM-CAPS® Clinical Trial Capsules
Using a reverse engineering method for color selection, our proprietary FM-CAPS® technology streamlines the clinical trial process for increased efficiency and speed to market.
Technical Service
CapsCanada offers on-site technical support, encapsulation education and equipment training to promote optimized quality, efficiency and profitability across your production.
Regulatory Compliance
Our regulatory compliance experts will work with you leading up to, during and following the point of submission to support your product’s approval.
Formulation Assistance
More than a capsule company, CapsCanada provides early-stage support to optimize your formulation for encapsulation while ensuring optimal performance in vivo.
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