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Custom Capsule Technologies
At CapsCanada, we know from 30 years of experience that beyond their critical functional attributes, capsules serve a purpose in brand promotion and as a marketing tool. Across our range of K-CAPS® HPMC and gelatin capsules, we offer a wide range of customization to meet your unique needs in both development and post-commercialization growth of your product and brand.
Capsule Colors
We offer the capability to manufacture capsules in a wide variety of colors that are compliant with FDA and USP requirements, including custom matching brand colors.
Capsule Printing
We provide a full range of printing options to ensure aesthetic alignment of your product and brand, while also conveying important technical information, such as dosage size.
Capsule Sizes
Our broad range of capsule sizes provides pharmaceutical manufacturers and supplement makers with incredible flexibility when it comes to developing capsule products.
Capsule Finishes
CapsCanada’s vegetarian and gelatin-based capsules are available in a variety of unique finishes to bring further brand differentiation and consumer appeal.
Flavors / Taste-Masking
We offer a range of appealing flavored capsules, from refreshing mint to sweet strawberry, as well as the technology geared to masking undesirable flavors to make products palatable.
Complex Formulation Solutions
As one of the world’s leading innovators of capsules, CapsCanada has the expertise, technologies, and flexibility to help you get your most challenging formulations into oral dosage forms.