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Capsule Colors

Perhaps the most immediately recognizable element of your brand, capsule colors can create a powerful association between your product, your organization, and your brand value. It is critical that this association be one of quality and reliability. CapsCanada provides exceptionally high quality empty shell capsules in a broad spectrum of colors that are fully compliant with FDA, USP and EP regulations. We can color match any Pantone combination in line with international standards to align to your brand, promoting positive recognition and consistency across your product offering.

+ Precise color matching technology
+ Pantone color match
+ Two-color printing options
+ FDA, USP and EP compliance
+ Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C) approved colors

CapsCanada Capsule Colors Chart
Find Your Perfect Match
Optimize the impact of your product with a custom color combination that reflects the quality of your product and reputation of your brand.