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Complex Formulation Solutions

CapsCanada has extensive experience helping select customers get complex formulations into oral dosage forms.
For customers looking to develop complex products in an oral dosage form, CapsCanada can provide support from the earliest stages of development to set you on the path to commercial success. Using an innovative process that involves adjusting our capsule formulas to withstand your sensitive API, we are able to avoid the potential for brittleness and other issues that can occur under complex formulation processes, thereby preventing costly failure down the line.
Specialty Formulation Capsules
An example of a custom solution, we designed many customized formulations, using proprietary capsule polymers, to better support hygroscopic, hydrophilic, lipophilic, or abrasive API fill materials.
LQ-CAPS® Liquid Formulation Capsules
Designed specifically to encapsulate inherently hygroscopic liquid-based formulations, LQ-CAPS® liquid-filled hard capsules (LFHC) are created using a special polymer to safeguard the highly-sensitive API.
Custom Formulation Solutions
Using our class-leading capsules as a basis, CapsCanada has innovated a number of solutions based on the needs of individual customers, and continues to develop leading-edge capsule technologies to optimize the viability of complex liquid, solid and semi-solid formulations for manufacturers around the world.
Advance Your Formulation
Tell us about your formulation challenges, and we will develop a customized solution that sets your product on the path to success.