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Flavors / Taste-Masking
Taste Masking Technologies
CapsCanada offers the expertise and technologies to help you mask undesirable tastes and odors in formulations, which promotes patient compliance and consumer preference in your encapsulated products.
Flavored Capsules
We take capsule customization a step further with our flavored gelatin capsules – an innovative way to conceal undesirable tastes or to increase the appeal of your products. The capsules are available in a wide variety of pre-formulated or customizable flavors, optimizing your product appeal in pediatric applications and among consumers who have difficulty swallowing medicines. We can formulate special vet pharma capsules with animal-friendly flavors aimed at increasing pet medication palatability. Made with our 100% bovine hide gelatin capsules, our Flavored Caps are a fun, tasty way to differentiate your brand without compromising the integrity of your product.

Custom blend of up to five fruit flavors.

Lime flavored capsules.

Berry flavored capsules.

Bubble gum flavored capsules.

Strawberry flavored capsules.

Mint flavored capsules.

Coffee flavored capsules.

Grape flavored capsules.

Orange flavored capsules.

Pet-friendly capsule flavors.

Choose Your Flavor
Learn how flavored capsules can transform taking capsules from a chore to a treat.