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Pharmaceutical Generics

The generic pharmaceuticals market is fundamental to the future of healthcare, and the global endeavor to provide as many people as possible with high-quality, affordable, sustainable therapies to combat diseases and improve quality of life across all age categories and demographics.
CapsCanada offers the expertise and technologies to process your drug substance with excipients and produce the drug in a stable capsule form.


With over 30 years of experience, CapsCanada understands that while the focus of generics is on cost control and economic feasibility outside the patent structure, the medicines themselves still need the same stringent formulation development, critical choice of dosage form, and high quality to deliver efficacy and meet regulatory requirements. Strict regulatory and process validation requirements make the development of robust formulations and dosage forms more essential than ever. CapsCanada offers the expertise and technologies to process your drug substance with excipients and ensure API capsule compatibility in a two-piece hard shell capsule dosage form. We ensure that our capsules work with your formulation so it can pass every required testing procedure.

Not only can we provide the capsule expertise to make your formulation succeed, as well as technologies such as taste masking, we also offer technical service to ensure that our capsules run efficiently on filling machines to optimize your productivity while sustaining premium quality. A wide range of customization is available to increase the recognition of your product and brand, including custom colors, printing, sizes and finishes.

Our K-CAPS® HPMC capsules are the preferred vegetarian capsule choice in many markets worldwide, and we also offer a wide range of functional derivative capsules, as well as traditional gelatin capsules. CapsCanada is a natural choice for the quality capsules and expertise you need to make your generic pharmaceuticals a success.