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Capsule Banding Kits

Capsule Banding is defined as sealing of capsules filled with liquids, powders or other products. It is done to seal the joint between the capsule cap and body in order to prevent leakage of liquid products, reduce oxidation of the capsule’s contents, and to minimize the odor problems associated with both solid and liquid products. Once banded, the capsule is near impossible to open and re-seal without leaving evidence of tampering.
High-Quality Ingredients Make High-Quality Banding Kits

CapsCanada banding kits provide you with all necessary materials to create an in-house capsule banding solution. Available in both gelatin and vegetarian HPMC styles, CapsCanada banding kits can be matched to any Pantone color, creating product distinction and improving brand awareness.

CapsCanada’s product development specialists will identify the proper banding solution for your product and will work with you to ensure your fill material is secure and stable in its capsule. Should a specific banding formula not meet the needs of your fill material, the CapsCanada product development specialists will work with you to create a custom banding solution that is capable of securely encasing the problematic fill material.

CapsCanada Capsule

Available Gelatin Formulations
Available HPMC Vegetarian Cellulose Formulations
Available Acid-Resistant Formulations.
Available LQ Liquid Capsule Formulations.
Increases Shelf Life of Final Products.
Creates a Tamper Proof Product.
  • Provides a secure, tamper-proof seal
  • Increases shelf life of final products
  • Kosher & Halal certified
  • No preservatives, prions or BSE
  • Available in 1 kg, 5 kg and 10 kg packaging
How much banding solution do I need?
All capsule sizes use 10 kg of banding solution for every 1,000,000 capsules produced.
CapsCanada Capsule Sizing Chart
Connect with an Encapsulation Expert
Contact us to learn more about CapsCanada’s banding kits or to discuss a custom solution that supports your unique formulation.