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Gelatin Capsules G-CAPS®

CapsCanada’s top-quality bovine hide gelatin capsules are a flexible option for a wide range of formulations and applications. Unlike other manufacturers, CapsCanada owns its entire gelatin capsule supply chain, starting with our internal raw material supplier. This vertical integration method guarantees the quality of our gelatin, and enables us to provide long-term, continuous supply chain support, from sourcing to distribution.

High-Quality Gelatin. High-Quality Capsules

At CapsCanada, the assurance of quality begins from the very start with our raw materials. Made from 100% bovine hide, our gelatin capsules are Kosher and Halal certified to accommodate a large and diverse customer base, and we never use gelatin originating from genetically modified livestock. We maintain a reliable inventory of gelatin capsules, with a four-month supply on hand at all times.

CapsCanada Capsule

Available in size 5-000
Manufactured with Pharmaceutical Grade Bovine Gelatin
Guaranteed to disintegrate within 15 minutes.
Moisture content is kept between 13% and 16%.
Visual quality is based on the ANSI/ASQ-Zl.4 Single Sampling Plan
Five-year shelf life
  • 100% bovine hide gelatin
  • Kosher & Halal certified
  • No preservatives, prions or BSE
  • Vertical integration
  • Four-month on-hand supply
  • Easy to swallow

Your Capsule. Your Way.

CapsCanada’s gelatin capsules are available in a full range of sizes, and can be fully customized with coloration, finishing and printing options to align with your brand aesthetic.
CapsCanada Capsule Sizing Chart

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