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LQ-CAPS® Liquid Formulation Capsules

Over three decades, CapsCanada has garnered a deep understanding of the challenges associated with liquid-filled dosage forms, and has long been committed to developing innovative solutions that empower our clients to bring their complex formulations to market. LQ-CAPS®, our exclusive brand of two-piece liquid-filled hard capsules (LFHC), provide superior efficacy, quality and versatility for high potency drugs, compounds with poor water solubility, and medications that are highly sensitive to degradation from light and heat.
Encapsulating Your Complex Liquid Formulations
Equally flexible and secure, LQ-CAPS® address a myriad of liquid-fill formulation issues, ranging from bioavailability challenges to ease of scale-up. LQ-CAPS® provide faster, more consistent dissolution for optimized absorption, and are a versatile option for manufacturers wishing to formulate smaller products with fewer excipients. In addition to dosage form flexibility, LQ-CAPS® make it easier to achieve homogeneity across low and high potency API formulations, and can significantly reduce the number of studies required to achieve drug stability. Paired with our superior LQ banding solution for increased safety and stability, our LQ-CAPS® are a highly secure, highly flexible method of encapsulating your complex liquid formulations.

CapsCanada Capsule

Available in size 5-000
Manufactured with Pharmaceutical Grade Bovine Gelatin
Guaranteed disintegration within 15 minutes
Moisture content is kept between 13% and 16%
Visual quality is based on the ANSI/ASQ-Z1.4 Single Sampling Plan
Five-year shelf life
  • Improved absorption, bioavailability & stability
  • Ideal for low & high potency API formulations
  • Dosage form flexibility
  • Reduction in required stability studies
  • No transition from clinical to market capsules
  • Preservative & gluten free
  • Wide regulatory acceptance
Your Capsule. Your Way.
Available in a full range of sizes, LQ-CAPS® can be customized with quick color matching and logo design to optimize brand recognition and product association.
CapsCanada Capsule Sizing Chart
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Learn how LQ-CAPS® liquid-filled hard capsules can take even your most complex liquid-fill formulations from concept to approval.