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Custom Banding Formulation Creation

CapsCanada offers custom banding solutions to protect your highly potent or otherwise sensitive materials from leaking or tampering.
Our custom banding technologies guarantee a secure seal that is both leak- and tamper-resistant, guaranteeing the security of your complex compounds.


Based on stability information gained from rigorous testing, our team of scientists will determine the proper banding solution for your specific formulation, and will create a custom seal made with the polymer used in the composition of the capsule (i.e., gelatin, HPMC or enteric). Matching the banding material to the material used in the formation of the capsule causes the two to homogenize, guaranteeing a secure seal that is both leak- and tamper-proof.

Developed to meet the needs of our customers with complex liquid formulations, our proprietary LQ banding seamlessly homogenizes with our LQ-CAPS® liquid-filled capsules for a smooth and secure seal. No matter the complexity of your formulation, CapsCanada will work with you to design a custom band that firmly encases your materials and ensures the safety and efficacy of your finished product.