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CapsCanada to Debut New Tamping Simulator Tool: SupplySide West 2023 Preview


CapsCanada will be presenting it’s innovative new Tamping Simulator tool at booth #3221 at the SupplySide West trade show in Las Vegas on October 23-27, 2023. Pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies are able to identify formulation challenges prior to production and then save time and money in reduced set-up time and material once production begins. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to see this revolutionary tool in action!

“Our new patent-pending benchtop device,” explains Steve Lee, CapsCanada’s Director of Technical Services, “lets you predetermine all the settings for the dosing area of your tamping-style capsule filling machine, so you get ideal slugs right from the start. It can also be used to accurately test a powder’s characteristics during the R&D phase, so that any necessary formulation or process-related adjustments can be made early on.”

In addition to the Tamping Simulator, CapsCanada will also be showcasing its new natural-colored capsules – i.e., HPMC capsules made with natural colorants – and preview its new Technical Services video-based training series.