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Market-Ready Capsule Packages

Fast-to-Market Package

CapsCanada provides comprehensive support from preclinical trials up to bioequivalence testing and regulatory submission. Developed specifically for innovative or generic drugs, CapsCanada’s Fast-to-Market package streamlines the regulatory process and accelerates your time to market by up to 9 months.
Our team of regulatory compliance experts, combined with our full suite of NDA/ANDA-enabling resources, fully supports clients in preparing and submitting the necessary documentation for an NDA, ANDA or international equivalent.

Market-Ready Capsule Packages

By partnering with CapsCanada, you receive the benefit of our full suite of resources as you prepare the necessary documentation for your NDA/ANDA or international equivalent, and the full support of our regulatory compliance experts as you navigate the submission process.

Fast-to-Market Package
+ FM-CAPS® Clinical Trial Capsules
+ Disintegration, Dissolution & Stability Testing
+ Standardization & Validation Trials
+ Regulatory Submission Assistance
+ Custom Capsule Technologies
+ Capsule Polymer Formulation (As Necessary)