Official Press Release: CapsCanada’s is Available to Assist Nutritional Supplement and Pharmaceutical Manufacturers That are Affected by Supply Chain Disruptions

DANIA BEACH, FL March 10, 2020—CapsCanada, a leading provider of empty capsules for use in the manufacture of pharmaceutical drugs and dietary supplements, announces that it has the production capacity and stock to both continue to meet demand from its existing customers and also help other manufacturers that are affected by supply chain disruptions caused by the Coronavirus outbreak.

CapsCanada Technical Portfolio

At CapsCanada customers often tell us that the extensive support provided by our Technical Services Department provides a tremendous boost to their bottom line. How? By increasing their production yields and product quality. By eliminating the need for expensive inspections and rework, whether they use gelatin capsules or vegetarian capsules. By improving their employees’ skills, morale and retention. By providing money-saving repair services for their capsule filling machine. And by being there to do everything possible to get and keep the capsule filling process running smoothly. All at absolutely no extra cost.

Official Press Release: CapsCanada’s Products and Supply Chains Unaffected by the Coronavirus Outbreak

DANIA BEACH, FL February 5, 2020

CapsCanada Expands K-CAPS® (HPMC Capsules) Manufacturing Capacity for Second Time

$28 Million invested in new 100,000 square foot K-CAPS® facility with additional 50% capsule production increase; nearly 3-times the amount CapsCanada invested in a 2014 HPMC capsule expansion to meet rising global demand for K-CAPS®.